Saturday, July 7, 2012

Polly and Molly

It was not a good week for dogs. Last friday my parents had to put their dog, Pollux aka Pollonia the low pony, to sleep. She was my favorite wimp, nervous but sweet


fastest dog we ever had

pollux vol gas

and also a real beauty when she relaxed a little

pollux vloer

plus we were close - we both have legs always sticking out

all your legs in one basket

she petted me much as i did her


and then earlier this week my girl's parents had to put Molly, my favorite blonde, to sleep. She was golden in the literal sense of the word

molly the golden

and older than gold -she was a still sprightly 14 when i met her

molly in motion

and we instantly became friends -perhaps not as close as she was with Pipin

molly and pip sleeping

but still, she was kind enough to tolerate my teasing, and even my singing

as you can see, she became more and more fond of (and less and less distinguishable from) the carpet in her old age

molly on carpet

until in my last portrait of her, at age 16, she'd almost merged with it

olden golden

Polly and Molly, two very different, very distinguished, very beautiful souls.

molly side

pollux portrait

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SeBiArt said...

I'm sorry to hear about Polly & Molly - wow at the same time! Sorry to the both of you. They certainly look like they will prance about and rest easy in doggie heaven tho :) All the portraits of them are stunning. Thanks for sharing. Warm hugs.