Thursday, July 5, 2012

Charlize Theron is red

I've had a weird day. It started with a red ball with a halo

red ball halo

that attacked me from two different angles

self with red ball 2

self with red ball inverted

which was followed by a red leaf, in July (scandalous!)

red and green

that, thankfully, didn't attack me, and then, at the red bus stop, i was haunted by the ghost of Charlize Theron

haunted by the ghost of Charlize Theron

which, obviously, is fine, i just didn't know she died.

I must start following TMZ and Perez Hilton if i am to find out how Charlize's ghost is connected to the color red.

Edit: there's nothing on TMZ or Perez's site to suggest that Charlize is, in fact, dead, so the mystery just got bigger. I suspect the involvement of Them. 

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