Saturday, March 13, 2010

dicey shots

Had an idea for a rather tricky shot, involving my dad's dice. He had a copper dice that you wouldn't throw, but spin. I've played with it since i was a kid and keep it in the same place in the same desk as he did. I wanted to see if i could photograph it in action, and whether i could put my spin on it spinning.

The easiest way to go about it was to do a standard shot of it spinning, and capture that lovely blurry top


the next step was trying to capture it in mid-spin, while still portraying movement -which was pretty tricky


the last step would be to get the mid-spin and the movement, and then add camera movement, which took me forever

one and five

as is usually the case with me shooting, there were a million shots -or maybe a hundred- and lots of mistakes, but one of them was bizar


i kinda know how it happened, but like to think i captured the ghost of the dice.

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