Tuesday, March 2, 2010

temporal detour

So today was time-travel day. Must have been, for i woke up at what i thought was today, but then a few hours later, i find myself in the 70's:

70's window

and then there was a bright and shiny leap:

quantum leap into bikes

which landed me in a sea of bikes:

sea of bikes

It was a little confusing. I got back, or forward, or, well, as present as i can be, again, which is kinda the point:

at the end of a long day, don't we just want to go home?

at the end of a long day i just want to go home

1 comment:

Berette aka Scoop said...

cute story. the motion zoom is SO cool on the bikes. holy shit that was a ton of bikes. didn't you tell me that your country has the highest number of bike riders in Europe...and that they're regarded as temp-owned-public-property items...like umbrellas?