Wednesday, March 10, 2010

that was about Springtime, damnit

My increasingly epic quest for springtime once again led me outside, which is still trecherous, as it looks all sunny, but then feels like someone just ran a glacier through your rectum. But the proof gathered during these insanely dangerous and extreme excursions into the Dutch wilderness warms me in ways no central heating can match -nor a match could match, come to think of it- so it is worth the frostbitten, ehm, nails. Well, very cold hands, anyway.

Here's what i found today. Grass is indeed greener on the other side:


There was a Flock of Seagulls, but i was disappointed with their hair and am not sure if they're a sign of spring


a more definite sign was lambs, who are not all sheepish


and a kangeroo was blowing a raspberry, which they didn't do in the winter


dog was loosing his canine mind over a stick, more so than usual, which seems weather induced


but the ducks weren't seeing eye to eye, so i guess no eggs just yet


In the end, it was up to the flora to proove it. Now there's crocuses (croci?) out, but they're a bit dim, aren't they? They get out first sign of sun and then go all purple from the cold. No, the smart flora know to come out, but still wear a nice warm jacket


i'm such a sucker for pussywillows. Not only because they have a funny name or because they look so good, but also because you can let them glide over your cheeks and get goosebumps from the intense softness. They're right up there with chocolate and boobs on the 'things good in life' list. They even have a lovely depth of field, especially with a deep field in the background


So almost. Almost spring. All that's needed is for this cold to fuck off, and we're there. Till then, coats and hot chocolate. And pussywillows.

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