Monday, March 8, 2010

Sergeant Pole and the onslaught postponed

Quite in need of spring, i braved a sunny day to search for signs. In order to do so, i first had to pass Sergeant Pole, defender of the lands


Don't let the gruf demeanor fool you, he's a sweetheart -as long as your intentions are pure and you don't piss against him.

On the surface, there were many colors, and below it, some more


but none of those we tend to associate with the onslaught of the eggy season. I looked everwhere. In the twigs


and in the hedges


and though the hedges themselves showed their usual excuberence of greens


of the mad explosiveness of springcolors i found none.

i did get some hope from this one, who seemed about to shout out his joy to the sun, but was yet a tad too cold to do so (it was freeze your tits off nippy)


But then today we had snow, and this dude


Soon, though, we'll get that rain that's fresher than iced coffee, and that sun that can actually warm you if the rain don't get in the way, and then, then, there'll be splendificence -mark my non-existing word.

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