Monday, March 22, 2010

the sprinky season

It had been so long, a little more than a year this time, that i had forgotten what a lecherous season spring really is. It's not just the provocative colors telling the winter to fuck off

winter being fucked off

it's literally fucking, flowers being the genitals of plants. Here's a tree being exhibitionistic

it's official

and while scenes like this might seem sweet

it could not be much more spring

flowers and insect actually get together to procreate -which is downright kinky.

So while this Bumblebee is in fact performing an act of florality on the pink bits

flight of bumblebee delight

right next to it there's a bee air-humping their white cousins

kinky bee

i tought i just liked springtime for the colors, but now i remember why i love it: it's one damn hot orgy. Caligula ain't got nothing on this biatch.


Friedpod said...

this post is my new gstatus.

Rahel said...

another fan of your orgy. i can almost smell the sexy scent of new life being born =) very lovely