Saturday, March 6, 2010

Komodo dragon tree

Went dreaming a couple of weeks ago but couldn't collect the photographic evidence till now. The weirdest thing is that in my dream, too, i only managed to get only detail or blurry shots, no complete pictures.

tip of monster's tail

That is the tip of its tail.

Now i say weirdest, for the creature in my dream was weird too: it was a Komodo dragon the size of a large pony, but covered with those scales. Here's a blurry impression i managed to shoot while still sitting on the balcony over my friend's front door:


It moved rather quick but was not in a hurry. I jumped off the balcony to pursue it and get a decent picture, but it went into a tent in the back garden and i couldn't get my camera to focus. Very frustrating. All i managed was a shot of its paw:


Back to 'weirdest'; dreams are expected to be weird, so when weeks later the reality is similar, that's weirder, even if there was no scaley Komodo dragon in reality. I can sort of trace back where the dream came from, but the scaley thing i took pictures of today is completely unimaginable. I wouldn't be very surprised if it walked by one day, checking for food in a backyard tent -even if it is a tree.

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